what exactly is happening here?

This gorgeous young woman was all dressed up for her flute solo on Saturday–looking mighty grown up, I might add. Seeing her this way way icing on the cake to our Friday night, when Logan was picked up by a neighbor for her first-ever, later-night babysitting gig. As she walked down the driveway with the dad who came to get her, I looked at Mike, mouth agape as the shock set in. Seconds before, it hadn’t even occurred to us what a milestone this was.

I’m certain just weeks ago, I was walking down the driveway with the dad of the family I was babysittingJust days ago, I was rocking Logan in our sage green glider, cleaning endless spit-up from every overpriced outfit she wore, marveling at her early vocabulary chock full of silly words and phrases, like “button” and “what’s this?” Just moments ago, I was picking out first day of school outfits and quizzing her with spelling words, arranging play dates, and thousands of stuffed animals and pastel, Pottery Barn Kids’ bedding on her bed. This child, who walked away from us so happy and self-assured on Friday night, primed and ready to help another family get a night away, is still that little being who once needed me so. Still that little dream baby with a head full of ringlets that just couldn’t possibly last–but did–and ocean blue eyes that still bear so much wonderment about the world.

She’s still the same, but our sweet baby girl is totally growing up and we couldn’t be more proud. Sigh.

Now she texts endlessly and finds lots of what she needs from her social circles, just the way it should be. She plays three instruments, reads voraciously, swims like a fish and plans to try her hand at acting this summer. She is a good sister and a good friend and I’m so grateful she has been blessed with good friends, too. She likes baggy sweatshirts and snug jeans. She has no idea how beautiful she is, inside or out. She aspires to big things, has big thoughts and big dreams. They will come true, of this I’m sure. She tells tales of getting kids to bed and being exhausted (funny how things come full circle!) She, as Mike says, is coming into herself, and it is one amazing thing to watch. What an honor it is to be her mom.

Time is flying…

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