tables have turned

For many more times than I’d like to recall, it has been me on that gurney. Today, it’s Mike.

I came here to wait out his shoulder repair, armed with my laptop, traveling files and cell phone, determined to make the most of the three-hour wait. But the hospital wireless and my VPN just can’t get along. What’s a girl to do? Blog!

They took Mike back thirty minutes ago, dressed in a dress and covered with a tea towel–certainly not in his comfort zone. As they prepped him and completed his  nerve block, the up-until-then-friendly nurse suggested, “You can wait in the waiting room, if you like.”

“I can,” I said. “But I’d rather not!” Inside I was yelling, “Do you not realize this man has watched my insides pulled out of my belly three times? I am not going anywhere!”

I stood my ground and stayed. Ha.

Not that I liked it. I didn’t. I’ll be glad when it’s all over and Mike’s back in action, out of his backless nightie and pain-free.

When it comes to surgery waiting, one thing’s for certain. This part is much easier on the patient.

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