number nine

I was so wrong.

Nine years ago at 9:05 AM, a wild-haired Riley arrived, after 24 hours of VBAC labor, by c-section. I was sure I was having a boy.

I’ve never been so happy about being mistaken. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE boys, and believe that everything is meant to be, just like Riley.


I should have known she’d be easy-going. After the craziest pregnancy on record with her big sis, Riley’s was a breeze. I remember sitting with Mike at around six months pregnant saying, “Wow, this is nuts! We’ve gone six months and nothing has gone awry yet!” In hindsight, it all makes sense.

I’ve written much about Riley and her old soul nature and it remains as true as it was when I first saw it in her face on the day of her birth. She is the definition of low maintenance. She is self-sufficient to the core. She is helpful at every turn. She is anti-drama. She is thoughtful. She is wise. Sort of like she’s been here before. I think that’s cool.


Our little powerhouse is full of intense spirit, too. She’s been determined since birth to make things happen in her own way, like when she boycotted the bottle – FOR LIFE – and refused to do anything but nurse for 13 months. You might think this resulted in screams when I was forced to leave the house without her, but you’d be wrong. She once went 36 hours without drinking anything when we had to go to a wedding. She didn’t even make one protest while we were gone. When I walked in she nearly hyperventilated, but she didn’t complain once during her stand-off!


Riley has a work ethic like nothing I’ve seen. I’m sure it comes from her father, but I think it might – unimaginably – be stronger than his. Whether we’re talking gymnastics or piano or school, this girl is intent on delivering excellence to please herself. I’m telling you, she’s been here before. I’m not saying she doesn’t like to please others too, she does! It’s just that this girl is grounded.

We wish this sweet 9 year old daughter of ours every happiness her heart can hold, every triumph, every love, every dream come true. We wish her a life of her own talented making and the constant feeling that she is loved and cherished beyond imagination. Because she is.

Happy Birthday Riley girl. We’re so glad it was YOU.


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