lucky seven

Love this boy.

It’s unimaginable that it was SEVEN whole years ago I was prepared to welcome a third girl into our world. No one told me I was having a girl – girls were just all I knew. But Finn rocked that world with his 11:01 AM arrival that day; the only baby of ours to pick the birthdate of his own choosing. By kick-starting (literally) his own labor two weeks early, despite the planned c-section, May 15th was his day.

He arrived in a flash with a shock of blond hair and immediate boyishness, almost royal-blue eyes and his Daddy’s square jaw. He was different and cuddly and mellow from the start. Where did these seven years go?

Finn is curious – I’ve written about his “what if” questions at length on this blog, which suffers greatly from my new gig and lack of time. The Finnisms continue in spite of my inability to record them here! He seeks to understand and think about his world in so many ways and we just love to watch his personality evolve. Last night, he was on 3rd base with bases loaded, when the batter hit a pop fly that was caught. The more advanced opposing team quickly made outs on 1st and 2nd, leaving the team of 6 year olds blindsided by the first triple play they’d ever seen. Finn played the field in the next half and then ran to Mike, requiring an explanation for what happened before he could go on. It’s like that all time. It’s as if he’s thinking, “Okay, let me get this down before I move forward.”

He is all boy still, with some sort of tick magnet and the ability to play outside for hours without food or water. He comes home dirty and happy and ravenous. He loves and excels at sports and will play anything, if given the chance. We still can’t tell what his thing will be and that is certainly okay. We’d rather watch him play it all and figure out what he loves to do. In my humble opinion, he is a GREAT little writer, with an attention to detail that’s pretty darn impressive. Reading his school journal this year has been the highlight of 1st grade for me. I’ve found myself emailing his teacher on occasion to inform her that we don’t own homes in Florida and North Carolina, or that he does not stay up until 2 AM at sleepovers, but nevertheless I am enthralled with his creativity! When it comes to schoolwork, he’s careful and consistent, always — like the baseball game — making sure he has it mastered before moving on. I’m happy to say, at this point, he does not have his Daddy’s handwriting, but pretty much everything else!

I’m not sure what it is about a boy, but the cuddliness is just the best. There’s a way this kid can curl up into me like no one else. While life prevents these moments from being frequent enough, they are cherished beyond measure.

Finn is funny. When I asked what he wanted for a birthday dinner, my new FT working mom mind was thinking “restaurant”, but Finn wasn’t. Finn said, “Ooh that awesome pasta salad with the tricolor rotini, salami and black olives! But do you have the ingredients??” (No, but you can bet I will get them!) Finn is loving and thoughtful and warm. He is creative and kind of heart. He always wants to help. He is intuitive and smart. He is a good brother. Finn is everything wonderful.

He is my boy. My baby boy. And today, he is seven.

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