i see the signs

It has been a very long week. Apparently, 2013 is the year of broken bones for our brood and hopefully, we’ve had our share. Sunday night at a spontaneous Super Bowl gathering, Finn broke his collarbone.

It was quite comical actually. A few moments in, he came downstairs with a bloody nose. He was chuckling it off, but wanted to let me know. It was an impact-related bloody nose, not the kind that goes on and on. Simple clean up and off he went for the next injury lying in wait.

About an hour later her arrived to show me the sickeningly large bump on his head. If you’ve seen this post, you know his head swells like nobody’s business. No worries on his part, just an informative visit. No ice, no fan fare. Back to the lion’s den.

And then the tide changed abruptly. He rounded the corner 45 minutes later wearing the face no Mom wants to see, a sure sign of bad news. His arm hurt, he said. So I asked, “Can  you lift it up?”

“Yeah,” he answered through tears and obliged with lifting it straight up in the air and back down again.

Then he screamed.

So off we went to the ER, where there wasn’t a soul. We were in and out in an hour and fifteen minutes, no doubt to the tune of $1500, at least, a sling, and a confirmed break. (Thank goodness our individual deductibles rose to $2500 per person this year. Not.) Check it out. This thing was ugly!

I intended to post the last few days. I took time off from work and figured my days would allow a few blogging moments. But my charge didn’t allow for that. His pain severe, his requests (and demands) numerous, there was not a moment to spare! But it’s okay, we had lots of Mommy-Finn time.

Yesterday, there was a point when I wondered if he would ever be the same. I worried that his back might be forever curved and that he’d walk with an old man shuffle for the rest of his days. But today, I see the signs of Finn!

Our little man is still moving slowly, but I can tell the pain is more bearable now, the urge to move stronger. He has been so built up and loved by the countless friends and family members that have stopped by to visit, brought or sent a gift, or shared wishes from afar. Thanks to you all for making such a difference to our little dude.

Tomorrow, he’ll go to school for a couple of hours in the afternoon to give it a try and I’m really hopeful that he’ll be good to go by Monday. No backpack duty or PE for six weeks, but able to get around again without so much pain.

When Grandpa visited yesterday, he told us that Finn’s bone will be even stronger after it’s healed than before it broke and I think that’s cool. Just like tough times build stronger character, cracks in the human armor make for stronger humans. That’s some good to grab!

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