hello? is anybody out there?

Um, it’s been a while. A long while. Like almost forever.

Life is different these days, as I’ve been blessed with an amazing career opportunity that will soon happily be a full-time gig. Strangely enough, I think the official switch from consultant to employee might actually lighten my workload a bit, because I’ll be lucky enough to have a few supportive full-time folks hired right along with me. I’m looking forward to all of this and to the release of a few of my creative juices back toward Grab the Good. I hate that this large block of time has gone by unrecorded – so many cute Finnisms that I’ve missed, funny and challenging family moments that I want to deliver to the kids by way of this strange chronicle. It’s my gift to them and it’s back on the priority list.

It’s “vacation” that has allowed me the freedom to write this week. I use quotes because this is not quite the vacation we had in mind. What was rooted in hopes for toes in warm sand and hours of aimless reading and kid-savoring, has resulted in a whole lot of shivering. Florida temps this morning were about 33 degrees, four degrees warmer than home. Sigh.

But this camp is grabbing the good and trying to make the most of it anyway. The kids are truly impervious to the cold, I mean they are swimming in this ice water and air! On a side note, one of my greatest fears is freezing to death, (there’s a related story that involves a manatee and scuba for another day) so this is not attractive to me in any way. And somehow, I traveled here without a scarf–of which I own too many and am utterly addicted to–so I’m not really enjoying my freezing hours spent poolside. With hands pulled inside sleeves and hood up, I’ll admit that it still counts as a glorious break in routine, still serves as a change of scene. And that’s just what we all needed.

So, I look forward to talking to you this week, and hopefully beyond, as I excitedly forge into this exciting new phase and figure out how it all fits, constantly (in the beginning) reminding myself that change is good. That change is the only way we get somewhere new.

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