Finn and his football pals.

Our little football savant has been asking to play the game for a couple years. We said no the first year and yes the second, but the team we signed him up for didn’t come to fruition. Enter year three and he’s signed up for tackle in fall of 2014. As a precursor and a chance to get some rules down and practice in, we signed him up for flag this spring.

Last weekend, Mike and Finn went cleat shopping. Upon their return, they played catch until Mike’s shoulder gave out. When Mike came in, Finn stayed out alone, doing laps around the open area next to our house. This kid is in spring training!

I’m a huge fan of watching young kids’ sports–Logan, Mike and I enjoyed every minute. If you ask me, at this age, it’s like the best stress relief ever. We cheered him on like crazy; this little guy has some moves! (I hear they’re called “jukes” or something like that?? I need to work on my football terminology!) Finn cracked us up as he asked his very patient coach ten million questions about every play. Finally, while walking to the sidelines, the coach said, “Geez dude, you ask a lot of questions!!” We all burst out laughing, including Finn. I just think he wants to get it right, I mean really wants to get it right!! 

After yesterday morning’s game, I am so looking forward to this season. It is a thrill to watch Finn so completely involved in and loving every moment! This was never the case with baseball or soccer–he’s right–he’s a football player! And while I think he may love to be running the ball more than anything else, yesterday also gave him a taste of the other positions he didn’t think he’d want to play.  And guess what? Dad is right–defense is fun, too! The next eight Saturday mornings will definitely not disappoint!!

Here are a few shots of number 13’s “debut”! Send good growing vibes and pray he doesn’t get his height from his mommy!! One night last week at bedtime, he asked, “Mom, do you think I have a good chance at getting in the NFL?”

And of course I said, “Finn, I think you can do anything you really want to do!!”

Go Finn!

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