I’ve had my first dose of boys and sports; for real.

There’s no doubt my girls are competitive, too, but boy oh boy are boys different. To put it simply, poor Finn is about to lose his mind over the Chicago Bears. I don’t think it’s possible to love–and possibly loathe–a team so much.

A little over a week ago, during the embarrassing loss on Thursday night to the Eagles, Finn found me upstairs watching a movie with the girls. He was beside himself.

“The Bears are the worst team ever. They stink!” he forced out, trying to hold back his tears of frustration.

“What’s happening?” I asked. “Are they losing?”

“They always lose when I watch!” he cried. “Every single time!! They only win when I don’t watch!”

He was so upset and so cute, I could hardly stand it. How is it possible that we find some sort of cosmic, superstitious connection to events beyond our control even at such a young age? (I speak from experience…I rock back and forth during Logan’s swim meet heats and refuse to watch Riley’s balance beam warm ups because I somehow believe my actions and their performances are interconnected!) And Finn, at seven, thinks the Bears only win when he doesn’t watch. Man, we really are powerful! (Written with sarcasm.)

I struggled to calm his frustration and sadness about his beloved team and eventually made my way to Mike and Uncle Dan who sat watching the game in total disgust.

“I totally remember crying as a kid when my team lost!” they each said. When Finn heard that echoed the next day, I think he felt better.

So you can imagine my excitement during last night’s game when Finn watched with pals as the Bears held the lead for most of the game against the Packers.

“Yes!” I thought. “He’ll watch them win and realize that his watching has nothing to do with the outcome.”

Thanks to their last minute loss, he still believes it’s true. Ugh. And the worst part? We have to wait until next season to prove him wrong!

Bad. News. Bears.

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