I love the smell of a bonfire, a crispness in the air and the sound of the football games at the local high school wafting into my backyard. I love hayrides and Jolly Rancher-tasting apples and snugly clothes. I love fall colors – you’ll find them in my house any season of the year. As much as I kind of hate wearing shoes, I look forward to ditching my flip flops for cozier toes. I love one-pot creations, that cook all day and make your home smell amazing. I love making and eating anything followed by the words crisp, crumble, cobbler or buckle. I love planning the food we’ll eat all through this season. I love cute scarves that make me feel more together and my recent knowledge of how to tie them. I love pumpkins and mums and fall-hued ornamental grasses blowing in the wind. I love watching kids’ sports outside, without sweat pouring from every part of my body or squinting myself into a headache. I love sleeping under loads of blankets with the windows wide open. I love football on weekends, which gives me an excuse to try more Pinterest dips and appetizers. I love when the skies darken a bit earlier, causing us to call kids in and spend time together, time they’d otherwise devote to playing outside. I love the trees, in all their regal glory, giving us one final gorgeous burst before they go to sleep.

For those reasons and more, I love fall and I’m thrilled to welcome it today. Let’s hope it’s a long one!

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