Why does 11 seem so much older than 10? What in the world will 13 feel like? More than ever, I feel a deep-seated need to savor ever single moment. Time is going by much too quickly.

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Our sweet girl is 11 today! With a broken knuckle on her right ring finger, she’ll begin her second decade. Basketball in PE class jammed her finger on Wednesday, delivering the first Anderson-kid broken bone. She was a trooper and I’m sure, doesn’t mind the extra attention!


Logan is becoming a wonderful little woman. She is mature beyond her years, intuitive, and as sweet as ever. She’s demonstrating some of the finesse that comes with maturity and is a total nurturer, now sharing those skills regularly as a babysitter, too. She’s quirky and cute and silly and smart as a whip, with a heart as big as they come. She’s a friend to all and sensitive, but her strength is endless. She’s an athlete. She’s a musician and songwriter. Of all her wonderful qualities, Logan’s best is this: she is a true optimist. She KNOWS the world, the future, and life, are inherently good and all will be well. Just like her.Here in this note, and in person, I’ll tell our Logan Little that I have no doubt of her success, her happiness, her health, and her heart. That she will always have the power to make her dreams come true. That it’s okay to say ‘no’ when you need or want to. That what she puts out into the world will come back to her in spades. That she is a vital component of her family, her friends, her community, and her world. That she is beautiful, inside and out. That when it comes to the truly important stuff, pleasing others matters so much less than pleasing herself. That she can make a difference, in whatever way she chooses. That she should keep grabbing the good in everything and never stop. That doing her best is the best she can do. That she is loved. And valued. And cherished beyond words.


Happy 11th Birthday Logan! We’re so glad you chose us!

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