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At summer’s end, Finn was thrilled to learn that he was placed in the same class as his good pal, Will. To top it off, they’d both get to have Mrs. Kie, a favorite former teacher of each of their sisters. It was very good news for a little dude with big changes ahead as he learned to navigate the loud, chaotic hallways of public school as compared to the sweet serenity of Montessori Children’s Garden.  Maybe a bit apprehensive, he dove in head first anyway, excited to FINALLY be in the same school with Logan and Riley.

Finn and Will are probably meant to be buds. They each have two older sisters, who are the exact same ages and have similar interests. They both get shuttled to gymnastics and swim meets throughout the year.  Their birthdays are a month apart. They both have dads that work in the home building field. They love sports of all kinds. And they both have kick butt moms, but I guess that’s not the point.

I should note that Finn and Will have a giggling ‘thing’. It’s truly like nothing you’ve ever seen. As soon as they make eye contact they start laughing like crazy and can stay that way for a really long time. This was a concern for us parents, who warned the boys that they had to keep it together in the classroom or they’d likely be separated. They’ve tried hard, and neither one has colored their apple yellow yet.

But on curriculum night, Mrs. Kie informed us that they’re pretty close to yellow. She said they’re so cute and seek each other out whatever they’re doing – that they really are the best of friends. But they’re chatty, and eventually, chatty will equal a yellow apple. So we warned them again, this time driving home the idea that, if they can’t get it together, they might not ever be in the same class again. (Oh, the horror!) Somehow, they’ve still escaped “yellow”, so they must be trying hard!

The other day, a good friend who works at their school told us that she had the opportunity to talk about the boys with Mrs. Kie. When asked about them, I heard Mrs. Kie said, “Oh, yes, I call them the celebrity couple!”  You’ve heard of Brangelina and TomKat, right? Well, allow me to introduce you to the inseparable, always giggling, Fill and Winn.

Nothing better than a good friend!

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