attitude of gratitude

Being grateful, being focused on and thankful for what you’re blessed with, is one of the secrets of life.  When I’m really on top of my game (or have a moment or two for free thought) I try, to at least think about that for which I’m grateful.  Sometimes I have the energy to even write these things down in a gratitude journal; an idea that I wholeheartedly believe in but never really got off the ground for me.  If you were to look at my journal, it would appear I’ve only had grateful days about seven times in the last three years.  Not an accurate account.

Reading Judy Belmont’s uber-inspiring post from yesterday on Stepcase Life Hack,  I couldn’t help but be moved to try again.  I want to cultivate an attitude of gratitude every day and one of the ways I do this is through my writing.  Belmont’s post reminded me of the attributes of a grateful person, and couldn’t have done a better job describing the person I strive to be.  The Top 10 Habits of Grateful People is a must read if you’re in the mood to cultivate the ‘tude.  This, my friends, is good stuff.

In the meantime, sometimes you’ve just got to spell it out.  Here are a few random things I’m grateful for, right at this very moment:

1.  A good friend who has kids with the same age, gender, interests and schedules as mine.  I honestly have no idea how I’d survive this summer without the willing carpool schedule I share with her for a multitude of activities.  (Thanks Merritt!!)

2.  Hot coffee.  It’s the only way out of the Keppra morning fog.

3.  The fact that one of my daughter’s most loved activities recently relocated to our town, shaving about 40 minutes of rush hour driving off our days.  Not to mention the amazing new Phenom Gymnastics facility!

4.  A semi-successful summer chore system in the works.  There’s still room for improvement, but we haven’t thrown in the towel yet!  (This is already an Anderson summer record.) 

5.  Brave, optimistic kids.  I am amazed almost daily at my children and how they fearlessly face challenges that come their way.  Whether they’re standing on the block of the pool waiting for the gun, dealing with the loss of someone they love, accepting things that come with growing up, performing for the judges, shaking off something that hurts emotionally or physically, or standing up for themselves with their pals, they are courageous at some point every single day.  They make me want to be better.  For them and for myself.

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