10-month blur

It’s very blurry here actually. It’s been months since my last post and with the very last granules of Summer ’13 disappearing as I type, I have blogger regret. How did I neglect to capture all the great stuff that has happened in recent months? How do I keep this machine running since giving up the freedom of my own gig to work for another I believe in? Sigh.

There are two conflicting facts. I miss this blog desperately and there’s just not enough time. But when I read through the posts and pages here, I realize what a wonderful thing this is for our family. Is it what I thought it would be for me? No, but life takes wondrous, unexpected turns and that’s exactly what happened here. In May, I dove into corporate America headfirst, and think I’ve been in a tailspin ever since.

But it’s worth it–don’t get me wrong! I love my job and the fabulous team of people I spend my days with. But looking back on the last day of summer and imagining all that should have filled these nostalgic pages, well today I just want to be a mom. I’ve never been good with “back-to-school,” it makes me a little blue. They’re off to hit the books tomorrow morning and that’s just the way it should be.

A wise person in my life recently said, “Don’t use the word “try.” There is no such thing. You’re either doing something or you’re not.” Could that be anymore true? So, I can’t say if I’ll pick up my blogging pace or not; that remains to be seen. But for today only and for Anderson historical purposes, let’s play catch-up!

2nd Place All Around at the Illinois State Gymnastics Championship Meet

So proud of Riley, who continues to be one driven, hardworking, chill little gal. She’s training Level 7 now!

Summer Ball

Finn had a great time working his baseball skills all summer for the Scrappers. Fall ball starts tomorrow!

Lake Livin’

Nothing better than our summer trip for some much needed R & R.

The Big Kahuna

Logan had a great summer swim season and won the Oswego Otters’ annual Big Kahuna award for leadership, skill and spirit! We are so proud of the awesome little woman she is!

This doesn’t even begin to cover it, but at least I’ve got that first painful post on virtual paper. More to come!

Gotta go, it’s a school night!

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